Frequently Asked Questions

What is Yurpal?

Yurpal is the only E-Commerce platform designed and dedicated to the procurement of all building materials and products. For projects large or small, Yurpal provides consumers direct access to product wholesalers, distributors, and manufacturers nationwide.

Can Yurpal help me find the best prices on building materials?

Yes! With Yurpal's extensive vendor network and powerful tools at your fingertips, you'll always get the best prices.

Can Yurpal save me time searching for qualified vendors?

Yurpal saves you time by automating the process of comparing quotes, materials, vendors, and more.

Can Yurpal assist me with LEED projects?

Yes! Yurpal is the only online platform that provides a single source location for all LEED certified products and materials.

Can Yurpal help me find new customers?

It sure can! Yurpal gets you access to the extensive buyer network and allows for several methods of searching for new qualified leads.

Can Yurpal help me find local pro & vendors?

Yes! Yurpal allows you to conduct Geographical Searches with a predefined search radius that ensures prospective clients are located in your service area.

I'm a local vendor. What are the upfront fees for using Yurpal?

One of the best parts about Yurpal is the upfront fees... because there aren’t any. That’s right! You only pay when your products are sold through Yurpal.

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